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Reference Audio Systems is a leading stockist of high-end audio equipment in New Zealand. We also restore the best in vintage audio and have a good stock of vinyl for sale.

Opening hours to suit our customers - phone first to arrange a time to audition.

Agents for:

Artisan Acoustic, Bakoon Products (Satri), Crayon Audio, Coincident Speaker Technology, Helius Designs, Tom Evans Audio Design and TW-Acustic.

We also stock:

Aqvox, Audio Consulting, Audiodesk, Benchmark, Boston Audio Design, Crystal Cable, DeVore Fidelity, DH Labs, Furutech, HiFi-Tuning, ieGO, Mytek Digital, NuForce, Shindo Laboratory and Soundsmith.

And a great vinyl selection from:

Analogue Productions, Mofi, & Speakers Corner Records.
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